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How To Scrap A Vehicle

vehicle scrapping towtruck

There comes a time in the life of every vehicle when it requires scrapping. Whether it’s been in an accident that caused irreparable damage, or it’s just old and worn out, you may want to know how to sell what’s left for scrap. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide on scrapping your car, so you know what to expect.

1.      Remove Any Personal Belongings From The Vehicle Before Scrapping

The first step in vehicle scrapping is removing any valuables from the car. When it gets scrapped, all components are often crushed, severed and generally beaten about to access essential materials. Anything left inside the vehicle will be damaged beyond recognition. As a result, it’s crucial to take anything of value out of the car before it gets picked up. We recommend checking the glove box, under the seats and your boot to ensure nothing gets forgotten.

checking car glovebox

2.      Repurpose Any Components That May Be Useful (Optional)

An optional step in the vehicle scrapping process is to remove any bits from the car you may find useful. For example, if you own multiple cars of the same make and model, there may be useful components in the broken-down vehicle that could come in handy for a running model. This is often referred to as ‘spares’. Starter motors, filters, wheels, radiators and a whole host of components can be salvaged to keep for a rainy day.

However, if you have no need for these parts, or you’re not very mechanically minded, then you may get a slightly higher scrap price for including them as part of the whole package.

vehicle parts engine parts

3.      Contact Your Local Vehicle Scrapping Yard

Now that your belongings and components have been removed, it’s time to contact a local vehicle scrapping business. A reputable company will be clear, concise and efficient in quoting your scrap value and picking the vehicle up. We advise shopping around to find the best deal and monitoring the value of scrap metals. This will ensure you get the best price. If you have somewhere to store the vehicle privately, you could get a better price by waiting for the scrap value to increase.

car scrap yard

4.      Agree On A Price & Sign The Paperwork

Once the vehicle scrapping truck arrives to pick up your car, it’s time to finalise the process. This involves agreeing on the final price and signing any paperwork. Doing this will declare the vehicle as scrapped and off the road. 

If a price has been quoted, and the vehicle is in the state described on the phone, then it’s important not to settle for any less than the agreed-upon price. A reputable business such as Abertawe Metal Recycling will honour a quote as a standard unless the car is in a much different condition than described.

scrap car collection

Choose Abertawe Metal Recycling For Vehicle Scrapping

For efficient vehicle scrapping, get in touch with Abertawe Metal Recycling. Our drivers are fully licensed, and our yard is fully equipped to dispose of any waste you need to get rid of. To get a quote, or for more information, give us a call today.


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