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Three Essential Reasons To Recycle Your uPVC Windows

uPVC Recycling

uPVC recycling was never as popular as UPVc windows themselves were back in the early days of production. Fortunately, with the introduction of modern technology and incentives, recycling this type of plastic has never been easier or more beneficial.

There are numerous advantages to repurposing these materials. Check out our list of the three most crucial reasons to consider recycling your unused plastics.

Help The Environment By Recycling uPVC Windows

ar and wide, the greatest advantage of recycling uPVC is the environmental factor. Did you know that this type of plastic can be repurposed fifteen times before structural integrity starts to be affected? Not only this but the materials are made with oil – a finite fuel source. As such, we should do our best to maximise its use.

If you combine these two integral factors, it’s hard to see a reason not to recycle uPVC windows at any opportunity. It helps reduce our carbon footprint and benefits not only our own health but also the environment’s.

Recycling UPVc Saves Money

When uPVC windows go into a landfill, all the material that could have been reused must instead be reproduced. The result of this can have a drastic effect on our wallets. Furthermore, as it requires fossil fuel to manufacture, the price of new uPVC can only rise. Repurposing plastics instead can significantly decrease this rise in price to everyone’s benefit.

Additionally, this kind of conscious effort amongst the whole of society will have a residual effect on us all. If we all recycle uPVC, we all reap the reward when it comes to purchasing new doors and windows.

reduce landfill with upvc windows

Reducing Landfill Waste

One of the consequences of the uPVC boom in the 1980s and 90s is the prevalence of uPVC-based waste as installations expire. We’re running out of room for places to bury our waste.

The more we bury, the more polluted our planet becomes. This has detrimental effects on soil among many other environmental effects. By recycling your uPVC windows and doors, you can do your part in reducing the amount of landfill space we take up.

One house can produce a few tones of uPVC. This type of plastic takes an incredible amount of time to start degrading and at this rate, our uPVC waste may very well outlive humanity if we keep prioritising profit over sustainability.

Contact Abertawe Metal Recycling For More uPVC Information

At Abertawe Metal Recycling, we value the importance of conscientious uPVC recycling. We understand the value of reusing materials when at all possible. What’s more, we’re well-equipped to handle all aspects of the recycling process. So, you can be confident your plastic is handled by professionals.


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