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UPVC Recycling Swansea

Choose Abertawe Metal Recycling Ltd for uPVC recycling in Swansea. We can gather your used uPVC and move the materials on to be repurposed. It continues to be one of the most often used materials for home remodelling projects. It is used generally for windows and doors. When these items reach the end of their useful lives, however, they are frequently abandoned and discarded in landfills, which, in turn, causes major problems to the planet.

If you have any unwanted uPVC, be part of the solution and recycle today. Please give us a call to find out more.

Recycling uPVC Doors & Windows

uPVC window frames and fascias are frequently thrown in the rubbish, adding to landfills and causing many environmental problems. They can simply recycle to make brand-new goods. Diverting uPVC from landfills and into recycling greatly helps the environment. Abertawe Metal Recycling Ltd offers domestic and commercial clients recycling and waste management services in Swansea, and the surrounding areas.

uPVC can be recycled several times without substantially losing quality, despite the vast amounts that end up in landfills. After the initial recycling process, it can be reinserted immediately into the production line and will be utilised to create brand-new window frames as well as a variety of other goods.

Our uPVC Recycling Method

Recycling uPVC is a straightforward process. With our experience and expertise, we will dispose of all uPVC using our tried-and-tested methods. Whether it is a door frame or window frame, this hard plastic can be repurposed. Our process includes:

Drop Off & Collection

Similarly to all of our services, we can collect and drop off any unwanted materials, including uPVC recycling in Swansea.


All non-uPVC materials are eliminated. Diverse techniques are used to remove materials including rubber, glass, steel, and other common elements. We use strong magnets to extract metal.

Ready To Be Re-Used

Pure uPVC is shredded into tiny grains or pellets. These pellets are then re-moulded into new products.

Manufacturing Of Biodegradable Plastic. Placer Of Granules Of Ec

Specialist Recycling in Swansea

83% of uPVC waste goes to landfill. To avoid adding on to the vast amount that is already thrown out, be sure to recycle. Our vastly experienced team can help you with any unwanted materials and recycle them methodically and sensibly. With drop off and collection services available in Swansea, we are the scrap merchants for you.

Recycle Your uPVC With Us Today

Give us a call at your earliest convenience, and we will give you all the information you require.

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