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Vehicle Scrapping Swansea

Are you looking for a facility that does vehicle scrapping in Swansea? Abertawe Metal Recycling Ltd has many years of experience in vehicle scrapping. By choosing us, you will receive great benefits and money for your vehicle. Has your vehicle failed its MOT test? Maybe it’s not going to run? Now is the moment to think about scrapping. We’ll evaluate your car and offer you a fair price for it. On completion, we will also provide you a DVLA Certificate of Destruction.

Scrap Your Vehicle Today!

If you want to scrap your vehicle quickly and without any hassle, get in contact with our team. When your vehicle reaches the end of its useful life, it may no longer be safe to drive, or it may need repairs that are more expensive than the car is worth. You may have thought about selling it, but you don’t want to deal with the effort of looking for a buyer, and you are aware of its low value. Instead of allowing your vehicle to sit in your driveway or garage to decay, decide today to scrap it to get some money.

What Can We Scrap?

We can scrap the following types of vehicles:

  • Part-exchanged
  • MOT failures
  • Junk and salvage
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Damaged beyond repair
  • Insurance write-offs
  • Foreign vehicles not registered in the UK
  • ELVs

If you are the owner of one of the vehicles listed above, be sure to give our team a call today.

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ELV Scrapping

By scrapping ELVs, millions of tonnes of waste metal are produced annually. It should come as no surprise that this harms the environment. End-of-life vehicles are referred to as ELVs. When a vehicle is scrapped, it must be handled, disassembled, and disposed of in an ecologically responsible manner. Abertawe Metal Recycling Ltd uses environmentally friendly methods that help reduce damage to the planet.

Certificate of Destruction Provided

Upon destruction, we will provide you with a certificate of destruction (CoD). This is to confirm that your vehicle has been disposed of correctly and ethically. We are a government-authorized treatment facility (ATF) located in Swansea.

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Scrap Vehicle Collection

Please feel free to bring us your scrap. Alternatively, we would gladly pick up for free and provide you with professional service in a courteous manner. For further details on collecting your vehicle for scrapping, simply give us a call.

Need Your Vehicle Scrapped? Please Call Us Today

Learn more about vehicle scrapping and all the other services we offer by getting in touch.

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